Counterbalance: the design Poetry of Angelo Mangiarotti

The Palermo1 installation focuses on the furniture from Agapecasa’s Mangiarotti Collection, an icon of refinement and cultured living, objects whose beauty has been untarnished by passing time. Forms suspended in time, simple geometric shapes in space, precious materials in nature.

Angelo Mangioarotti is an architect with a keen eye and sensitive intuitions, an artist who has moved beyond the present to design a future garbed in brand-new ideas, always attracted to material and the memories it holds. Marble, glass and wood capture our memories and forge them into the physicality of materials. Like syllables handcrafted into artistic objects, his materials become the sentences of a new design language, in which everything coincides and everything is connected as continuity emerges naturally through form and matter, thanks to simple hooking units. The affinity between different forms is embodied in an unexpectedly balanced emotional and physical vision of structures and weights that naturally follow on from each other in an intriguing exchanging of roles. Marble’s lightness is imbued with sensuality, wood frees itself in a deception movement.

© — All rights reserved. — Published on 08 March 2017

c/o Palermo1
via Palermo, 1 - Milan


© — All rights reserved. — Published on 08 March 2017