Heart's Serviced Apartements: the new hospitality at Fuorisalone 2017

During the Milan Design Week 2017 the architect Simone Micheli will give life to a new concept linked to the world of hospitality, promotion and presentation of the innovative approaches of which the design field is the spokesman and a manifest.

Within the strategic location Din - Design In, via Massimiano 6 / via Sbodio 9, will take shape an exhibition aimed with curious and attentive eye to future scenarios offering a careful overview of the current field of extra-hotel hospitality: 4 models of serviced apartments, for 4 different destinations (art, business, sea, mountains) will be dedicated to 4 international entrepreneurs of this innovative service, highlighting the qualities, characteristics and innovations from the point of view of the content as long as lexical. Then through the strategic and original implementation, there will be showed the real needs the guest wants to see fulfilled when deciding to benefit of a new way of stay aimed to socializing, sharing of experience and contact with the real life.

The apartments will be imagined as comfortable and welcoming spaces, smart and interactive places, real homes in daily life. However, they will be also equipped with essentials for the guest who relates to the unknown environment for the first time and needs to feel welcomed and well received. The spaces will take on different forms and functionalities based on the different types of users, but thanks to a high-level technology and quality equipment, they will be capable to modulate the answers offered based on the diversified needs related to the 4 hypothetical scenarios. Simplicity, functionality and intuitiveness are the essential cornerstones that will animate the simulation of four spatial areas, presenting to the general public a complete overview and specifically explored hospitality field evolution, combining quality services with simplicity and beauty.

The serviced apartments will be developed with the intention of offering smart solutions to everyday problems that could plague the traveler who interacts with unknown areas, conjugating a human welfare with the respect for both the social context and the environment in which they are placed. The revaluation of sociality, the instant interaction and sharing are essential benchmarks. The importance assumed by each place as a living and dynamic storage of real-life stories are all central issues that determine the design expression of this avant-garde serviced apartments to which the architect Micheli will give shape in this performance during Fuorisalone 2017.

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Opening hours:
10:00 - 20:00 from April, 4th to 8th
19:00 - 24:00 on April, 5th
10:00 - 18:00 on April, 9th

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© — All rights reserved. — Published on 01 March 2017