Clay Journeys: Silvae

A sculptural installation that takes you on a creative journey of discovery - Clay Journeys by Atelier Vierkant will be unveiled at Spazio Edit next month as a stunning display of handmade ceramic shapes. Shown during Fuorisalone, the Clay Journeys installation at Via Pietro Maroncelli 14, takes visitors down a path of oversized terracotta pebbles from Atelier Vierkant’s KH series, guiding them inside where a theatre of massive clay shapes awaits in different colours and textures.

The visitor enters by oversized  clay vessels - planted by solitary trees and consequently enters inside where ceramic bodies - Silvae -  act as protagonists in a play of light and shade, texture and colour, and form and shape.

The Atelier Vierkant’s installation breaks down the traditional barriers of exhibitions by allowing visitors to touch, feel and experience the various textures of the ceramic forms. Inside the building, enormous ceramic forms - in shape of carved wooden trunks - installed on organically designed pedestals were carefully positioned along clay routes to take the visitor on an exploratory journey; by letting people get up close and personal with the clay exhibits, the installation presents them with an opportunity to experience and understand the beauty and sheer versatility of the raw material in all its textures, colours, shapes and states.

© — All rights reserved. — Published on 06 March 2017

Via Marocelli, 14


© — All rights reserved. — Published on 06 March 2017