Made in Florim Ventilated Rainscreen Facade

Made in Florim porcelain stoneware Ventilated Rainscreen Facade is an external cladding system, suitable for both new constructions and renovations, that combines aesthetic quality, lower maintenance costs and increased energyefficiency.

Made in Florim porcelain stoneware offers a wide range of sizes and surfaces and allows freedom of use in ventilated facade projects. The 6-mm thick, large Magnum slabs reach up to 160x320 cm, combining light weight and technical performance with the aesthetic qualities of material continuity and elegance.

Thanks to a special metal structure, the porcelain tile cladding allows a continuous ventilation that brings significant benefits in terms of breathability and reduction of thermal loads. Porcelain stoneware resistance to weathering and ease of cleaning also guarantee durability over time.

Florim projects division, Florim Solutions, provides in-depth knowledge and technical skills of a specialized team of engineers and architects, offering complete and dedicated support to the client. From the initial feasibility study, selection stage, structural checks, all the way to the realization and installation stage, even offering turnkey solutions.

Made in Florim outdoor surfaces

Florim offers a wide range of outdoor surfaces, the perfect combination of high quality raw materials, sustainability and design, suitable for both public and private spaces. Florim’s outdoor collections can consist of over 70% recycled material, they are resistant to weathering, corrosion, frost, fire and mould. They are easy to clean, non-slip and non-drip. They also allow customers to choose the most suitable installation technique for every location: on gravel and sand, on grass, raised floors with supports or traditional installation with adhesive.

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© — All rights reserved. — Published on 14 September 2020

© — All rights reserved. — Published on 14 September 2020