Designer, fascinated by new materials and new technologies, tests his ideas in the most extreme sectors: starting from the aerospace, designing interiors bound to the concept of space habitability in absence of gravity for the ASI (Italian Space Agency), reaching the earth’s nomadic one, realizing the first example of interactive nomadic office (Motorhome Aci).

Invited to expose his works at Leopolda Exposition in Florence (“Deep Inside”- Image) he presented with the company Grado Zero Espace, leading brand in the aerospace textile branch, a prototype of a jacket for astronauts in Diaplex (a tissue with a memory of shapes).

His experimental planning approach brings him to work with very different brands: Cristina Rubinetterie, Antonio Lupi, Cordivari Design, Treemme Rubinetterie, Inkiostro Bianco, DND, Park Avenue, Glass Design, Kerasan, Gattoni Rubinetterie, Emilio Pucci (Gruppo Louis Vuitton), K8 Radiatori, Hego Waterdesign.


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