CRISTINA Rubinetterie presents the tap FOIL designed by Marco Pisati

News — 16 April 2021

The single-lever series is the new 2021 product from the leading bathroom company.

CRISTINA Rubinetterie, one of the reference players in the national and international sanitaryware business, presents the new FOIL collection designed by Marco Pisati, a reinterpretation of the cylindrical tap, the archetype of tapware, reinterpreted and updated with an attentive study on the dynamics of curvature.


FOIL is a single-lever series that offers a complete range of items with numerous finishes available, from chrome to matt black, from pink gold - both brushed and polished, and PVD - to yellow gold, from black chrome both polished and brushed to brushed metallic. The aerator guarantees 5l/m of water consumption, while the coupling of the control lever into the tap facilitates inspection and maintenance operations. The FOIL shapes are inspired by the Streamline style typical of the 1930s and by the car bodies of the 1950s and 1960s, when studies on aerodynamics generated soft and elegant silhouettes for cars. The link with the contemporary era comes naturally in the ultra-modern nautical appendages that allow the new generation of sail boats to sail above water.


In the name of dynamic shapes, in FOIL there is no single curvature radius, as with traditional taps: in fact, the body and spout have two different curvatures. The body consists in two different circular arcs on the front and back, and the same solution has been adopted for the spout. This confluence of curves generates a dynamic thrust that gives the spout’s end a soft, almost semi-elliptical radius, even more evident in the lever that is stretched diagonally and outwards making it easy to use.


CRISTINA Rubinetterie is a leading brand in the bathroom sector and a testimonial of the excellence of "Made in Italy" since 1949. The brand's entire production process is located in four factories in the northern part of Novara. In the heart of the Brera Design District in Milan is the historic flagship showroom, designed by the architect Naomi Hasuike: a workplace that is always buzzing, reserved for professionals and open for moments of collaboration, events and contamination.


Marco Pisati is a designer fascinated by new materials and new technologies. A great experimenter in the most extreme sectors, at the Leopolda in Florence ("Deep Inside" - Image) he presented with Grado Zero Espace, a leading company in the aerospace textile sector, the prototype of an astronaut's jacket in Diaplex (shape memory fabric). This transversal and highly experimental approach has led him to collaborate with companies that are very different from each other, including, in addition to Cristina Rubinetterie, Antonio Lupi, Park Avenue, Emilio Pucci (Louis Vuitton Group) and Hego Waterdesign.

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