Brands CRISTINA Rubinetterie

Founded in 1949, CRISTINA has gone through more than seventy years of Italian history, capitalising on values of production capacity, tradition, and credibility, intercepting trends of innovation and internationalisation, positioning itself as one of the leading brands in the tap industry. The synergy with SILFRA Bathroom Tech (1987) - one of the most established companies in the hydrosanitary technical sector and the entry into the Caleffi group in 2017 accompanied and supported CRISTINA's constant process of growth, evolution, and development towards an increasingly sustainable reality. Also in 2017, the opening of the company-owned showroom in Milan, with the goal of enhancing dialogue with designers and architects through work meetings and design projects, as well as proposing events and strengthening the company's image. In 2020, CRISTINA Rubinetterie renewed its strategy to determine the company's path in the near future, focused on design, launching new product lines, and with great attention to sustainability and less impactful production methods. The following year, "From Yellow to.. Green!" was born as a slogan that aims to convey CRISTINA Rubinetterie's commitment to becoming an increasingly green company.
Important changes in logistics, synergy, and new organisational systems: in less than five years, CRISTINA has gone from storytelling to concrete storydoing.

Headquarter - Via G. Fava 56 - 28024 Gozzano (NO)

Showroom - Via Pontaccio 8/10 - 20121 Milano (MI)

+39 02/83970732
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