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A better future with your devices
From 15/06 AT 08:00


A better future with your devices

StoryGood is a platform that helps citizens to consciously manage and maintain electronic appliances in a sustainable way. Through the manual registration of the devices, users will have all the information regarding their devices in a single place, making it easier to know about how to do proper maintenance and to solve malfunctions.  The sustainable evaluation allows a conscious understanding of the impact of appliances to choose the products that suit both the own needs and the environment. To measure their impact, users will receive points that will be collected to reach community goals.  The community of users and repair centers will support the users to make their products last longer. On the users’ community, people can share their tips and tricks regarding the maintenance and reviews of the products. Through the app, people can contact local repair centers, making the repair process more accessible and immediate by establishing a direct line between client and professional. 



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