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By exploiting the benefits of active noise management, Esion aims to improve the acoustic comfort of people, at home or in offices, through the delivery of an alternative solution to traditional passive barriers. 

Esion consists of an active panel that, through the principles of Active Noise Canceling (ANC), beams an anti-noise wave directly to the user's ear in order to wrap him in a digital silent bubble (called silent cocoon). In places where people cannot be physically isolated from the noise source, this cutting-edge product enables a new silence experience. 

The active panel offers a complete control of ambient noise to improve the acoustic comfort of people in their daily and working activities. 

Active Noise Cancelling systems are known to reduce unwanted noise by generating a secondary sound wave of equal amplitude and opposite phase to the original noise. In this way, the two waves combine together and cancel each other out. Esion has taken this technology to the next level by developing an active system capable of beaming a three-dimensional zone of silence directly to the single user's ears for an extraordinary silence experience. Esion implements an advanced, intelligent and adaptive noise control system to guarantee an effective reduction of background noises. 

Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, Esion combines high-tech components with the aesthetics of Italian design, in order to make an outstanding product of interior design.   

The flexibility of the active panel developed by Esion allows easy integration of the system with other interior design solutions such as sound-absorbing panels – to create an environment that simultaneously benefits from passive and active noise abatement – or with lighting systems – to create “proximity islands” of superior visual and acoustic comfort. 

The Silent Cocoon created by Esion rides the wave of current architectural trends that more and more look at indoor acoustic design for a better people well-being. In this light, Esion offers a unique silence experience that seamless adapts to different contexts.

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