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Esion was founded in December 2020 as a company of e-Novia Group, the Factory of deep tech enterprises, where ideas are transformed into products, giving life to innovative and sustainable organizations in the sectors of mobility, mechatronics and robotics, leveraging on intellectual properties created together with Italian research institutes and international companies. 


In this context was born the idea of developing an intelligent system capable of actively reducing background noise in a three-dimensional space. Thanks to the support of a pool of polytechnic talents, in less than two years, the company was able to complete the phases of validating the idea and prototyping the solution, thus arriving at the actual development phase. 


Esion - a name derived from the inversion of the word noise - aims to improve the acoustic comfort of people, in their working or living spaces. The integration of acoustic solutions in indoor space design is strategic to increase the psychophysical well-being of people that occupy them. In this light, Esion aims to provide an alternative to traditional "passive" installations, by seizing on an outstanding technological trend: the evolution of sound insulation industry from passive to active thanks to advanced real-time noise management. 


Esion tackles indoor noise pollution by creating a digital silent bubble (called “silent cocoon”) surrounding the head of the single user that allows active background noise cancelling, thus offering an unprecedented experience of concentration and avoiding annoying interference from external sources. 


Esion opens the doors to a cutting-edge innovation in the acoustic field based on a new way of interpreting the concept of silence. The product is designed for the world of offices, open-floor plans, and for greater comfort for all those people working from home. Alongside its mission, Esion will innovate the concept of acoustic insulation: from traditional passive barriers to new forms of active noise management.

via San Martino 12, 20122 Milano ITA


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