Event 2021


Lithea has chosen to exhibit its exclusive collections at Minimal48 in occasion of the Milan Design Week 2021.

Lithea continues its exploration of the Mediterranean by presenting its new concept in Milan. Designed and conceived by Martinelli Venezia Studio to highlight the extraordinary materials used by this Sicilian company with its half a century experience in the sector.

The collection is based on the Island of Pantelleria, a spectacular and mysterious island known since antiquity.  The designers have reinterpreted the natural elements of the island by creating the Sesi coffee tables and the Terre Arate and Tracce modular tiles.

The highly distinctive reference to the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean is also seen greatly in the choice of dark colours for the decoration and furnishing:  these collections, perfect for luxury home or contract projects, create contemporary and abstract designs inspired by the Pantelleria landscape.

The marble Etna stools and a new and exclusive version of the Maioliche di Pietra tiles, which can be put together in various ways- an approach that has had great success will also be exhibited in the Minimal48 showroom.  The collection also includes the free-standing Etna wash basin in marble and iron which has been created in Carrara Marble just for this occasion.

These products highlight all of Lithea’s productive skill which is becoming progressively more and more well-known internationally thanks to the careful workmanship and attention to detail: At Minimal48 you will see a select sample of the collection promoting the high-class workmanship of marble that thanks to Lithea’s millenary knowledge and Martinelli Venezia’s creative skills has been transformed into a work of art of extreme elegance.

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