Event 2021

Roots to Matter - Matter to Dream,

5VIE presents its own double group exhibition Roots to Matter - Matter to Dream, featuring the work of independent designers and studios active on a national and international level

a chapter of the double group exhibition Roots to Matter - Matter to Dream, curated by 5VIE, will be held at SIAM, featuring the work of independent designers and studios active at national and international level.

Matter to Dream explores the theme of the poetics of matter. On display are the works of Celo.1, a studio founded in Florence by Costantino Gucci and Edward Ranieri, which works on the creation of objects and installations that play with the viewer's sense of perspective; Rou Materiaal, a studio founded in Ravenna in 2013 by Marzia De Lorenzi and Monica Cortesi, whose research and experimentation focuses on large linen canvases and wooden boards; Italian New-York based interior and product designer Martina Guandalini, with her most recent work Infinity Tables Ivan Tafuro with is collection of ceramics TU BI, tubolar shapes ispired by the urban city elements and decors; Reiecta by Alberto Bellotti, a project dedicated to the possibility to resemantize the residual and the waste material, with a special focus on marble; and finally Marcella Trimarchi, a Sicilian designer and creative artist whose project The Art Flower Maker is a series of design objects inspired by the world of flowers, nature and traditional Italian metalworking.

Roots to Matter is the counterpart of this collective exhibition, presenting a reflection on the practice of design in its connection with the cultural and material roots of its designers at Via Cesare Correnti 14. Design studios operating in Italy and abroad will be exhibiting: at national level, Studio Terre, an experimental art studio based in Milan whose work is centred on a return to the land and the Mediterranean lifestyle that is intrinsic to our history and culture; and Fornice Objects, a project by Chiara Ravaioli in which each piece is born from the encounter between rapid, repeatable and rigorous technology and of manual labor, combining these contrasting elements; MATANG, a French-Indian duo formed in Mumbai by Lucien Dumas and Natasha Sumant, presents a collection deeply inspired by traditional Indian craftsmanship; finally, the Irish designer Orla Reynolds, who takes inspiration for her work from the image of the house as a stage, with a print series inspired by the work of Eileen Gray.

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Entry rules

Throughout the event, the performances will be accessible according to the current security provisions.
The access is possible only upon booking, available from September 2 through the platform 5vie.it/events.
Please note that, in order to access the events, spectators may be required to show their Green Pass.

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