Event 2021

Space Etiquette

on 9th of September at 6.30 PM Accademia Italiana Galateo with Samuele Briatore, alongside Francesca Martinelli, HOOMS' founder , present the digital event Il Galateo Dello Spazio (Space Etiquette), telling how domestic space and interpersonal relationships are the daily narrative of each of us.

Learn more about Space Etiquette, click here to attend the conference on the Zoom platform on Sept. 9 at 6:30 p.m.

Space, understood as a domestic, family and self-representational place is constantly having to fight between the useful and the beautiful, the welcoming and the functional, the contemporary design and the antique. Etiquette and good manners can offer a different point of view, shifting the focus from exhibition to authenticity and understanding representation as a fundamental concept for knowing ourselves, therefore representation as a "narration of us" and not as "authorization of a power".

The places and spaces of the house acquire a different value if they are read as junction points of relationships, as fields of human interaction. Inside the house we want to tell how shapes, colors and materials can be used to welcome and how spaces can be storytellers. Today, large, spacious and opulent solutions are often proposed as architectural models, but we believe that even small and much more common environments can be transformed into places to welcome guests. The project Il Galateo Dello Spazio (Space Etiquette) therefore wants to tell, with images, texts and videos, how it is possible to shift attention, how the story of us can be useful for knowledge and how history can offer us particular keys to interpretation.

Event guests will be the project's architect Giacomo Zanelli and Eng. Paolo Gagliardi of Generali Impianti Srl who oversaw the restoration.


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