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Argille: the expressive force of material

On the occasion of the Milano Design City, the company reasserts its ecological philosophy and its desire to experience the essence of materials by extending its range with the new ARGILLE collection.

Within a process of experimentation and continual research, HDsurface once again pursues its distinctive creative path in a constant dialogue with colour and matter, with the aim of evolving innovative surfaces for designing interiors with a unique, contemporary style.

HDsurface’s design philosophy has enabled the company to establish itself on the market, through its almost forty-year history, as a leading name in the realisation of indoor and outdoor continuous covering solutions. Surfaces consisting of cement and resin paste, or containing powdered metals or volcanic rocks, which are transformed into architectural structures to define any interior with the expressive, emotional strength of matter itself.

Always expressing the very latest trends, over the years HDsurface has developed a range of products unique in performances and looks, designed to meet the most widely varying needs and creating spaces that continually evolve and are in harmony with the personalities of their inhabitants.

To coincide with Milano Design City, the company reasserts its ecological philosophy and its desire to experience the essence of materials by extending its range with the new Argille collection.

Argille is a completely natural trowelled covering created by blending clay, vegetable cellulose fibre, natural lime and micronised powdered marble. Its granular composition creates richly wrinkled surfaces that transform reflected light into a suffused gleam. Easily spread onto vertical surfaces, it transforms the action of human hands into a decorative effect.

A totally breathable material, clay has been used since antiquity thanks to its intrinsic properties which enable it to naturally regulate the temperature and humidity of the rooms where it is applied. The product’s natural performances thus combine with the masterly skill of HDsurface in the creation of innovative surfaces able to design new interior scenarios using the vibrant colour variations of authentic matter.

The colours chosen for the Argille collection are created by adding coloured earths and oxides to the blend. The assortment of shades is an array of 24 hues in a broad spectrum ranging from neutral colours to very tactile earthy tones that evoke unadulterated matter, through to blues, reds and greens, able to express the most widely varying images and give creative potential free rein.

The tactile beauty of the Argille collection stars in the new installation at the HDsurface showroom at via Volta 18, designed by the company’s Art Director Marco Carini. A space consisting of regular, curvy shapes inspired by Carlo Scarpa, which enhance the outstanding versatility of the HDsurface products, suitable for application on every type of surface. Just as the great master designer always loved to use natural blends of products on walls and ceilings, the showroom juxtaposes and combines colours and materials that enable a vibrant and never flat product like Argille to express itself to the full. 

A covering with a strong yet subtle character, Argille has a variable, customisable appearance which can be modified via the installation process used, and tempts visitors to trace with their own hands the motions of the people who applied it. A surface irregular in both look and thicknesses, attractively porous and velvety to the touch, that embraces and brings warmth to interiors.

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