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Sughera by Mixcycling®

A cork-based biocomposite family made by recovering cork scraps from industrial processes
Mixcycling srl
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Mixcycling® recovers cork scraps from industrial production processes and uses them to create innovative and sustainable materials by mixing them with various polymer bases (either virgin, recycled, biobased, biodegradable, or biodegradable and compostable) according to circular economy principles. The cork fiber content within the Sughera blends can reach up to 60%, thereby guaranteeing a significant reduction in plastic use. LCA studies have also shown that environmental impacts for these blends are between 30% and 48% lower compared to traditional polymers. Cork is also a naturally renewable resource and a biodiversity haven, as bark is harvested from cork oaks without harming the trees, thus allowing the forests to continue serving as a habitat to numerous species. 

Cork-based Mixcycling® biocomposites are suitable for a variety fo applications: from cosmetic and food packaging to furniture, from pet toys to industrial and agricultural applications. 

Thanks to the fiber component, Sughera blends have a highly natural look: the Mixcycling® process nobilitates scraps and returns nature to its protagonist role even from a purely aesthetic point of view. 

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