Event 2021

ReLife by Medit

ReLife by Medit® with 100% regenerated nylon ECONYL® yarn. For the first time the blind is total green.
5-10 September 2021

Medit Srl
The event belongs to

The conscious exploitation of resources, the energy saving, the disposal of what is not needed any more. Medit goes beyond recycling and with ReLife, the first total green blind, it does not recycle but it regenerates. Nullifying the use of new material, removing different phases of the industrial process for a final product “new”, regenerated, pure and without scrap contamination. It is the 100% regenerated nylon ECONYL® yarn that gives birth to this extraordinary fabric designed with aesthetic characteristics for top-of-the-range interior, and tested for outdoor application. Together with the more classic textures, a capsule conceived by the “eco luxury” designer Laura Strambi for Medit, a small collection with deep research. Gauzes, canvas, fil coupé, drawings on Leno and Jacquard... in order to introduce also to designers the potential of this exclusive fabric. ReLife is the luxury of a totally eco product conceived for the residential sector and for the hotellerie, for both indoor and outdoor. A product with a great technical performance and a huge added value: saving our planet. “We are the first in line in our sector to develop a product like this, and we are very proud. There is a really interesting innovative potential in possible ReLife applications if we think for example to tall buildings, hotels and home at the same time…” says Medit CEO Raffaele Varano. “We designed an innovative fabric completely sustainable. There is great attention and constant research on the textile theme for who, like me, works on sustainability in the fashion and design field” - adds Laura Strambi - “It is really interesting to cooperate with Medit creative team to bring to life the ReLife project.” In a special colour chart there are a white and a natural variant obtained without dyeing and conceived on the rendition of the raw colour of the yarn and 10 other colour variants bio “Azofree”. Inspiration from nature, from the sea and the water together with sand and grey colours. An important study on the basic yarn through twisting and retwisting steps that allowed also 3D effects on the weaves.





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