Event 2022

Antropocena (Antropodinner)

Eating is somewhat digital

During the Design Week 2022, NABA presents in Desco restaurant in Milan an interactive installation bringing visitors on a journey from stone age to the future.

A 200-years-old table by Riva1920 is the main element of the installation and the time starter of the story; dedicated devices let the people into the virtual realm, narrating the future scenarios. Such VR experiences have been developed by Design Area and BA in Creative Technologies students, guided by Samuele Cigardi (Interaction designer and NABA Lecturer) and coordinated by Manal Abu Monassar, NABA Design Area Academic Assistant. "What will be our avatar's nourishment in the dematerialized universe?": the real vs virtual words issue is the core of the whole experience. Through their mobiles, users can immerse themselves in the design reflections virtual developed by students.

On June 7, on the occasion of the opening, visitors can participate in the Tasting Experience by Desco Milano resident chef Roberto Godi and Emilio Antinori and Vincenzo Franchino from Design for Craft. It will be an opportunity to experience a sensorial journey through different historical eras thanks to 3D printed objects. Such as, for example, the jugs made from orange peel, lime and ginger. The installation will be open for the entire period of the Design Week. During these days, the audience can taste the 'pill of the future' - a fruit puree and fermented beverages concentrate, a ready-to-eat device that evokes a possible world where people can address all nutritional needs through just one capsule.

“Antropocena. Mangiare è un po' digitale” is a project curated by Claudio Larcher, NABA Design Area Leader and Luca Poncellini, NABA Design and Applied Arts Department Head  with the Creative Direction of  Italo Rota, NABA Scientific Advisor.
Students coordination: Manal Abu Monassar, NABA Design Academic Assistant
Interaction Design: Samuele Cigardi
Students of the NABA Design Area: Simona Blagojevic, Giulia Colombo, Daniele Padovani, Nayeli Celeste Facio Santiago, Gloria Timpano, Ottavia Ferraris, Andrea Pedrali, Lorenzo Branchini, Simone Sansoldo and Sara Pesaresi
Students of the NABA BA in Creative Technologies: Mirko Torrenti, Raffaele Capone, Enrico Giuseppe Aiello, Giulia Albini Colombo and Dario Robaldo

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