Itinerary 2022


9th edition / Prototyping Utopias - Design in transition

The ninth edition of the 5VIE Design Week will take place under a bold title: Prototyping UtopiasA map of the world that does not contemplate utopia is not even worthy of a glance, wrote Oscar Wilde. This is why it is crucial to identify the possible locations of this non-place we must asymptotically tend to, in the conviction that, today more than ever, it is necessary to define perspectives of meaning and collective visions for the construction of a common future. 

A utopia that is also the matrix of a message of peace and collaboration, beyond any border and any nationalism, creed or orientation, under the sign of creativity and solidarity.

Opening hours: from 10:30 to 20:00 - from 6 to12 June

5VIE day: 8 June

5VIE Headquarters / info point:
Via Cesare Correnti, 14
SIAM Via Santa Marta, 18
20123 Milan

How to get here:
The 5VIE district can be reached by metro, at the Cordusio e Duomo stops with the M1 line, Sant’Ambrogio stop with M2 line, and Duomo e Missori with the M3 line.

tram that serve the district are the number 2, 3 e 14, passing by via Torino;
the 12, 16 and 27 that pass through via Orefici;
the 19 that passes by Corso Magenta

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