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London-based contemporary textile studio Kirkby Design will unveil NOISE, an experiential installation in collaboration with Korean artist Greem Jeong for Milan Design Week 2023 from 17th-23rd April 2023. Located in the heart of Brera, NOISE draws attention to consumption and waste expressed through graphic and sculptural form.

Providing a contemporary backdrop to the installation, SCRIBBLE is an abstract wallcovering from Kirkby Design’snew collection printed on a blended ground of FSC certified wood pulp and corn fibre, a sustainable and environmentally friendly option, corn is a renewable resource that can be grown and harvested with limited impact on the environment. Created by Kirkby’s in-house design team, SCRIBBLE as the title suggests, was playfully created using crayons to make expressive marks and scribbles to the beat of music.

Translating this energetic pattern into a 360 installation, the studio, who have gained a reputation for their experimental collections and forward-thinking approach to sustainability within the textile industry, approached artist and friend Greem Jeong to take inspiration from the design and bring the Milanese exhibition space to life.

Having experimented with 3D printing for some time and being frustrated at the volume of waste associated with it, Greem has developed and repurposed the waste plastic, reinterpreting Kirkby’s SCRIBBLE design and expanding upon it, to create a life size sculpture. Created from 98% waste plastic from the 3D printing process and 2% natural binding agent, the dynamic sculpture will consist of several tube-shaped modules and connecting pieces. Inviting visitors to become part of the installation as they journey through and interact with the exhibition space.

NOISE by Kirkby Design x Greem is a truly innovate installation that brings together two forward-thinking creatives to highlight a future-oriented approach to the usage of consumer waste and sustainability within design.

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18:00 - 21:00
Reserved party - Join Brand Director of Kirkby Design Jordan Mould and emerging Korean artist, Greem Jeong, for a private view of their collaborative exhibit, NOISE.
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