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Magis presents in its showroom in Corso Garibaldi, 77 a display devoted to Magis Home and focused on some news, first among all the chair Trave, born from the consolidated collaboration between Magis and BrogliatoTraverso Studio.

This is the first chair developed with the two designers, a really special chair, as it represents a new way to conceive a chair structure in solid wood, through an innovative solution reducing its elements and consequently also the material used for its manufacturing to minimum.

A beam in curved solid ash on which both the legs and the seat/back cushions are fixed, granting a high comfort and making the chair suitable for both domestic and contract use.

Besides Trave, we will also present the new versions of two Magis iconic products, Puppy and Air-Chair. The abstract dog, icon of the Magis Me Too collection, is now launched with a velvet effect surface, while Air-Chair (and also its version with armrests) is now made in post-consumer plastics, under the sign of that sustainability Magis pursuing with its products for years.

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