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Scopri tutte le novità Novacolor durante il Fuorisalone 2023
18-23 April 2023

The event belongs to
Brera Design District 2023

From 18 to 23 April, Novacolor will be taking part in the Milan Fuorisalone, offering its public unmissable moments of information, sharing and fun.

Among the absolute protagonists of these days: the exclusive preview launch of the "Texture & More" project, born from the collaboration with the Milanese creative design centre Studio Salaris by Alessandra Salaris, and the preview of the new Wallpaper Collection project curated by architect Gian Paolo Venier, a collaborator of the well-known architectural firm Studio Otto.

On Thursday 20 April, during a special event to be held at the Novacolor Showroom, the two professionals will speak to present their respective novelties.
Alessandra Salaris will talk about 'Texture & More', an innovative design project offering a multidimensional experience of wall textures. Bringing this conceptual study to life will be the Novacolor Ambassadors, who will interpret each intuition by transforming it into textures recreated through the brand's finest finishes.
All the finalised works will be displayed inside the showroom through exhibition panels and the application of two of them (Tulip and Ecate) on two of the main walls.

The teaser of all the proposals will be animated through the outdoor presence of a characteristic seaside installation that will transpose the wall design into a glimpse of the Riviera of yesteryear. At the end of the speeches, an exclusive cocktail party with music and design-themed culinary proposals will take place.

The leitmotif of each content will be, as always, attention to sustainability in order to be protagonists of tomorrow.

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Party / cocktail - The architect Alessandra Salaris will tell "Texture & More", an innovative design project that will offer a multidimensional experience of wall textures. Arch. Gian Paolo Venier, will speak about the Walpaper Collection by Studio Otto
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