Event 2023

A Slow Design Week?

A Slow Design Week?

A Slow Design Week?
At the centre of DOPO?'s programme for the MDW is the topic of slowness, not only as a common theme for the exhibitions, but as an approach to the event. Our idea is to offer an environment in which people have time for discussion, dialogue, exchange and empathy. DOPO? aims to be a place where quality relationships are generated and where one can stay, not rush through. To follow this attitude, we finally chose to start with the exhibitions late - we start on Tuesday 18 April - and open from midday, but leaving the space open until midnight (almost) every day. The proposed programming follows the multiform spirit of the realities that inhabit the space every day. From food to music, from video to performance, from objects to words: we can look at design from different perspectives and bring together the most diverse areas of knowledge. In addition to exhibitions, DOPO? offers a continuous and varied public programme, inviting people to stay for events, performances and evening talks.

Exhibitions (18-23 April 2023 - from 12 pm to 8 pm)

- “The Archive of Thoughts”, curated by Loher and Form, with the patronage of Goethe-Institut Mailand
- “Designers From the Flatland”: exhibition on Dutch design, curated by Cecilia Casabona and Ramón Jiménez Cárdenas, with the support of Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie
- “Fuori contesto”: exhibition on Italian Collectible Design, in collaboration with 5VIE ART+DESIGN


Special project (18-19-20 April 2023)

Food corner with Fratelli Burgio, At Tavola, Temperanza Objects

Public Program

- Tuesday 18 April: Talk “The Beauty of Publishing”, curated by Form Magazine, with Matteo Guarnaccia, Barbara Glasner and Vera Sacchetti
- Wednesday 19 April: Opening night + performance by Francesca Heart (curated by + Sali & Tabacchi)
- Thursday 20 April: Book presentation: “Collective Processes: Counterpractices in European Architecture
+ video marathon “(:Parentesi:) Cinema”, curated by Standard404 and Eretico, in collaboration with BASE Milano and IE School of Architecture & Design
- Friday 21 April: Finemateria takeover: open studio + photography exhibition by Luca Caizzi + music curated by Akwaaba World
- Saturday 22 April: Party curated by Kadmonia + Sali & Tabacchi. Dj set Zakia and Lungomare Paradiso b2b Latouche. Sound system by Bass Unity. Powered by Dr. Martens

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Exhibitions (18-23 April 2023 from 12 pm to 8 pm)

The Archive of Thoughts

The Archive of Thoughts

Curated by Loehr and form, with the patronage of Goethe-Institut Mailand

The exhibition concept conceived by Enzo Zak Lux, a Berlin-based stage designer, revolves around structures, perspectives, construction and deconstruction, naturally incorporating Loehr and Wästberg’s innovations into the context. The new ‘Stack’ shelving system, designed by industrial designer Dirk Winkel for Loehr, is the central structure of the exhibition, setting the stage for the launch of the first international issue of form magazine. This special edition of form magazine is completely in English and contains thirty five contributions by different authors on the current design scenario. This exhibition is a place to make mental matter a talking point.


Designers From the Flatland

Designers From the Flatland

Show on new Dutch Design curated by Cecilia Casabona and Ramón Jiménez Cárdenas With the support of Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie

Designers From the Flatland brings together the work of seven artists, designers, and duos who received their artistic training in the Netherlands but whose identity is situated elsewhere.

Participants respond to current patterns in Design such as displaying research and the so called auto ethnographic turn. The main question raised by the exhibition is: how has design transformed through and within the international hub it has nourished?

While individually the participants work within their own conceptual frameworks, when placed under one roof the projects highlight contemporary conditions shared by artists and designers living in the Netherlands, like the constant struggle of finding a house and a suitable studio or making space beyond expensive co-working hubs that treat all practices as commercially driven practices.

With: Bruno Baietto, Guenn Ramon Gustina, Ramón Jiménez Cárdenas, Georgina Pantazopoulou Marta Ríos, Scylla, Studio Watershore.


Fuori Contesto

Fuori Contesto

An exhibition dedicated to Italian collectible design in collaboration with 5VIE ART+DESIGN

“Fuori Contesto” is a group exhibition that investigates the state of collectible design in Italy: it brings together eight designers or independent studios, which operate mainly by self-producing furniture or work closely with artisans. The designers on show are inclined towards a rediscovery of manual skills, the contemporary interpretation of traditional techniques and methodologies, and the reaffirmation of the uniqueness of territories. “Fuori contesto” is also a place of encounter and (self) recognition between designers not only in terms of their design practices and aptitudes, but also inherent to their status as workers. From the sum of individual experiences and personal connections, a generational mindset emerges, a common attitude, which the exhibition wants to reveal (or rather, question). Designers on show: Ilaria Bianchi, Millim Studio, Scattered Disc Objects, Simone Fanciullacci, Standard404, Stefania Ruggiero, Tellurico, TIPSTUDIO


Public Program (18-21 Aprile 2023)

The Beauty of Publishing

“The Beauty of Publishing” - Talk curated by form magazine

Tuesday 18 April from 6.30 pm to 10 pm

All guests will present a new publication. Barbara Glasner will present her book on 1000 door handles (Most Touched), Vera Sacchetti will talk about the process behind a new book documenting the festival Driving the Human. Matteo Guarnaccia will share his experiences of his work as an editorial designer for Cthulhu Books and present his newly published book Making Kin. Nina Sieverding and Anton Rahlwes will give an overview of the production of the first international issue of Form. Furthermore, together, the guests will discuss the importance and beauty of print.


Opening Night

Opening Night

Wednesday 19 April from 7 pm to 12 am

All the designers, partners and curators of the exhibitions presented by DOPO? will be present during the opening night.

Francesca Heart, Twirls, sound Installation + performance (curated by Kadmonia and Sali & Tabacchi)

Wednesday 19 April at 9.30 pm

Twirls is an installation which consists of a floating sound game taking place on a pool’s surface: rotating bowls are moved by a stream of air and are playable by the audience. Two video screens depicting a cyclical dance sequence complete the piece. The pool will be activated through a performance which aims to be an exercise in transduction, the process of converting energy from a medium into another form. The piece springs from an on-going research on hydro-feminism and mythological acoustics.


Collective Processes: Counterpractices in European Architecture

Book presentation: “Collective Processes: Counterpractices in European Architecture”

Thursday 20 April from 6.30 pm to 8 pm

Although the hierarchically organised office still dominates the architectural landscape, more and more horizontally organised collectives with an alternative approach to design and thinking about architecture are emerging in recent years. With her research, Natalie Donat-Cattin provides an introduction and overview of their working and organisational methods, goals and projects. A panel discussion offers participants the opportunity to discuss their experiences and the change in the architectural process and approach to the discipline itself. The collectives represented are: A-A Collective, (ab)Normal, Assemble, baukuh, CNCRT, Colectivo Warehouse, Collectif Etc, constructLab, false mirror office, Fosbury Architecture, la-clique, Lacol, n’UNDO, horizontal, raumlabor, X= (T=E=N), and Zuloark.


(:Parentesi:) Cinema

Video marathon “(:Parentesi:) Cinema”

Curated by Standard404 and Eretico, in collaboration with BASE Milano and IE School of Design

Thursday 20 April from 9 pm to 12 am

Cinema is a ritual: a conscious and premeditated experience but at the same time an appointment in which everything can happen, everything is possible and probable.

Cinema Parentesi is a space fuelled by the need to generate a fair period of independent re-production. A moment long enough to be able to define a language now part of disciplines such as design and architecture: moving images. The idea of permanence and structure decay, transforming into a malleable place; the rigid walls relax to become soft and flexible surfaces, the seats soften. Cinema Parentesi is a celebration and observation of a medium that design uses to compose and show reflections on the complexity and contradictions of today.


Finemateria Takeover

Finemateria Takeover

Open-studio + photography exbhition by Luca Caizzi + music curated by Akwaaba World

Friday 21 April from 6 pm to 12 pm

Finemateria’s open-studio at Design Week 2023 will be a party led by the Akwaba World collective. The Milanese design studio’s approach will be further expanded during the evening with a photographic installation by Luca Caizzi. The studio will be transformed into a music lounge with a series of performances featuring music lovers and design enthusiasts. Conducted by the A-World crew, the shows will delve into lived experiences and creative moments in order to show how the guests involved approach and merge the two worlds with the intention of communicating their own artistic identity and style.


Final party

Final party

Curated by Kadmonia + Sali & Tabacchi

Saturday 22 April from 8 pm until late

Dj set Millie McKee, Sali & Tabacchi Soundsystem, Lungomare Paradiso b2b Latouche. Sound system by Bass Unity. Powered by Dr. Martens



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