Project 2023

Superdesign Show 2023


Where is design and its very representation going, today bordering on the programs of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, the Metaverse, ChatBots, humanoid robots that seem to be taking us to unknown horizons where the creativity of the mind might even be challenged? And how will spaces and architecture, houses and cities, design evolve? How to bring reality and imagination together? In this science fiction scenario, how will functions and services change?

From its roots to the project to the representation itself, the design "at large" has a deep impact on life. Unexpected objects, original materials, stylish furniture, in-out sustainability, art interactions, feature talks, visions from huge international design schools, an far east horizons.

With such a visionary approach that questions the future, Superdesign Show, Superstudio's annual event for the Milan Design Week, stages some spectacular and challenging installations that, while informing us about the latest updates of a selected international production, also anticipate questions and answers about the functions of the world to come. 

You can find it all at the Superdesign Show 2023. Here Superstudio Più brings you into the future.




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Superstudio Più          via Tortona 27, Milan

18-22 April 11am-9pm 

23 April 11am-6pm (mandatory registration) 

VIP & Press Preview       17 April 11am-6pm