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Italgraniti Penthouse


ITALGRANITI PENTHOUSE @Italgraniti Flagship Store 

Italgraniti Group has extended and renovated its Milanese flagship store with the “Italgraniti Penthouse” project

On the occasion of the upcoming Milan Design Week, the Group’s Milanese showroom has been renovated with the addition of another 200 square metres of display space.

Italgraniti Group will be greeting visitors who flock to Milan for MDW 2024 between 15th and 21st April with a new display space, housed in the premises adjacent to the flagship store which opened in Via Statuto in 2019. This additional space is called "Italgraniti Penthouse" and will double the Group’s Milanese presence organised over two storeys: the first floor with windows stretching across a surface area of 150 square metres and a mezzanine with an additional 50 square metres.

With Italgraniti Penthouse, the Group will provide an extremely concrete and concurrently ultra-sophisticated use of its innovative ceramic materials. Designed like a large apartment, the extended and renovated showroom will greet visitors in a polygonal hall. From here, they will gain access to the living area, which overlooks the city through a huge window. A generously-sized perspective characterised by the double volume will provide a glimpse of the various rooms of the home right through to the bedroom, laid out like a hotel suite. A wood-clad staircase leads up to the upper floor, where microarchitectures connected to the bathroom setting provide scenic backdrops for the LOOM collection.

Designed by the architects and art director Andrea Parisio and Giuseppe Pezzano, the new display will focus mainly on four collections which the Group launched at the last edition of Cersaie - I Travertini, I Cementi, Dorset and Nuances - while also setting aside specific space for LOOM, the brand dedicated to porcelain stoneware clad furniture and furnishings.


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Sito Web: https://www.italgranitigroup.com/

Email: milano@italgranitigroup.com


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