Event 2024


Unnatural in Brera


ABAVerona Design School in Milan Design Week 2024 / via Goito 3
project coordination: prof. Sotirios Papadopoulos, prof. Antonella Andriani and prof. Jasmina Kaluderovic
video support: by NTA school ABAVerona (prof. Massimo Ballestrini)
graphic support: FLER design studio

We are in the midst of an era in which preserving Life is becoming a struggle. Man, fragile by nature, is aware that the survival of the species is not guaranteed just by the achievement of tangible and material objectives. Design, following this thought process, is trying to rebuild the intangible and the absolute based on universal rules such as Consciousness, Empathy, Synesthesia. Design is considered increasingly futile and temporary, seen as "imagination and active functionality", however it will choose the richness of Truth and the frankness of the struggle between contestable objects belonging to different classes. The humility of the human being, aware of never knowing enough, often relying on the magic of "nómos" (spatial order), makes our path so visionary and UNNATURAL in search of alternative and silent explanations and solutions.

The Installation imagines three creatures who have suffered the decadent advancement of urbanization. Their tails reduced to electric cables, their limbs to scaffolding, their bodies to uncomfortable wooden cells on which fragmented and confused images stand out. Intrigued people will be able to delve into their womb and imagine themselves in unconventional dimensions.

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Sito Web: www.insuladellerose.com

Email: info@insuladellerose.com

Entry rules

Free access to the showroom. Location: Via Goito 3, Milan.

Free access to the platform of the installation UNNATURAL in front of the showroom Insula delle Rose.

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