Event 2024

TBCA: The Launch of Design Rebirth and Asian New Trend Art Festival

15-21 April 2024

The event belongs to
Tortona Rocks 2024

TBCA is a cultural and art institution in Shanghai that integrates cross-border cooperation between art, design, science, and various cultural fields into the development of society, cities, and the environment. Promoting positive changes in society through the revitalization of the natural and social environment.

"Design Rebirth" is the first reality TV programme for young designers focusing on rural revitalization and architectural renovation. As part of the project, the first renovation project will be launched in Shuitou Town, Guangdong Province, China, to transform a traditional rural village into a cultural tourism destination with the wisdom of 12 young Chinese designers and architects.

"Asian New Trend Art Festival", a festival of creativity, provides a platform for international designers, brands and creative talents to showcase their works and creativity.

At the same time, the Italian designer furniture brand "Marble Design Domitilla" will bring its new collection. Domitilla's use of marble is inspired by the refined elegance of the Italian lifestyle, creating pieces of furniture that are as remarkable and timeless as classic architecture.

We are honored to collaborate with two outstanding artists, Kelly Zhang and Graziano Guiso, to present their artworks during the event.

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