Isola Design Festival 2024

This Future is Currently Unavailable

The 8th edition of the Isola Design Festival will welcome visitors during Milan Design Week, from 15 to 21 April 2024. 

Isola Design Festival will present an evolution of its successful format this year. Venturing into new locations such as Lampo Milano, WAO PL7, and Galleria Bonelli within the Isola Design District that were never opened during Milan Design Week, Isola is set to turn these hidden gems into prominent hotspots. These and many other venues will point towards the future of design and cultivate an atmosphere of creativity and exchange throughout the entire neighborhood, will host exhibitions and installations, lively events, workshops, live demonstrations, and design talks, involving international designers, design studios, creators, and manufacturers.

Isola’s annual theme titled “This Future is Currently Unavailable” for 2024 is a statement to provoke action. 

"This Future is Currently Unavailable" is not just a tagline, but a call to action and reflection. The idea came during our adventurous travels to global design events, sparking a vision of the immense potential within our design community. This year, Isola is on a journey to prove that design is more than just sustainability – it's a powerhouse for tackling real-world issues. Picture it like this, a traveling hub of exciting, curated, and innovative design initiatives. We’re not just building a community; we're setting the stage for the future of design!”

— says Gabriele Cavallaro, co-founder and CEO of Isola Design Group.

To move towards the future, designers must embrace experimentation and collaboration across all fields and disciplines, seek innovative solutions, and keep in mind that design should collectively impact the planet and humanity. By bringing together designers from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, the event will inspire a holistic approach that transcends borders and traditional ways of seeing design. Highlighting forward-looking proposals that mix innovation, sustainability, and craftsmanship, Isola unites diverse fields into a promising design multiverse, showcasing the potential face of this industry in the years ahead.

Isola will bring to Milan participants and collaborators from the Middle and Far East. Echoing 2023’s openness and unraveling this driving force further, Isola Design Festival will present several collaborations with partners from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, with the “Routes to Roots” exhibitions conceived for Tanween (Ithra’s Creativity Conference) and with the “Anatolia” design show presented first at Downtown Dubai. Further enriching the festival's global perspective, Isola will welcome three cutting-edge Japanese collectives, showcasing the latest innovations in contemporary Japanese design. During the event, Isola will also announce new projects and collaborations with Design Doha, Dubai CommerCity, and Sama Design (Jeddah).

At the core of the vaste programme of Isola Design Festival 2024 are three main hubs, Lampo Milano, WAO PL7, and Stecca 3.0, and five shows curated by Isola’s curatorial team and guest curators. 

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Isola Design Festival 2024, expands into new venues like Lampo Milano, WAO PL7, and Galleria Bonelli. Five collective exhibitions and many guest installations will highlight circular design, new materials, and craftsmanship.