Portanuova Fuorisalone


Portanuova, a district symbolizing one of the biggest urban revitalizations with cultural, social, and environmental impact, and the world's first neighborhood to achieve both LEED® and WELL® for Community sustainability certifications, is poised to host one of the most anticipated events in the design world: Fuorisalone.

This event, which celebrates creativity and innovation, finds in the backdrop of Portanuova a unique environment where the district's values harmoniously merge with the creative spirit of Design Week.

Portanuova, with its dynamic mix of contemporary architecture and Milan History, provides an ideal setting to explore the latest design trends. The cosmopolitan atmosphere and vibrant energy of Portanuova's streets blend with the craftsmanship and technological innovation that characterize il Salone del Mobile, creating a unique experience for design enthusiasts.

During Design Week, Portanuova becomes the hub of a series of events, exhibitions, and installations celebrating the creativity and ingenuity of designers from around the world. From interactive workshops to presentations of innovative and sustainable products, to talks with industry experts, the neighborhood buzzes with contagious energy, offering visitors a comprehensive immersion into the fascinating world of contemporary design.

In the heart of this creative fervor, Portanuova's core values - sustainability, social inclusion, and urban quality of life - continue to underscore the importance of an ethical and responsible approach to design and innovation.

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