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ECOPIXEL collects, separates, chips into pieces and retransforms into products, what others throw away.

ECOPIXEL is a manufacturing company that recycles mono-polymer plastic typology, made from 100% shredded waste material. The material is usually made with industrial thermoplastic waste material but more and more also with collected material from any other field including household-waste. 

Recycling a mono-polymer means the material can be melted and re-melted an infinite number of times resulting in a forever circular material and creating this way a true “cycle” in material-use. As long as a material stays “clean” (read mono-polymer) it can be transformed at the exact temperature of the polymer involved and so, the material will never “burn” and deteriorate. Keeping polymers separate is thinking also about what happens after the recycled cycle. With ECOPIXEL, after you, someone else will be able to recycle what you have recycled, so never again new extraction of raw materials will be needed.

ECOPIXEL wants to promote the idea of NEVER mixing different plastic-waste-materials as to keep the plastics “clean” and ready for reuse also after each product-lifecycle.

Ecopixel is suitable for both INDOOR and OUTDOOR situations: It resists temperatures from -10 to +50°C. It does not fade and does not fear humidity.

ECOPIXEL is specialized in customized productions in multicolor recycled/circular plastic materials. We produce any customized project in 3D-shaped blow mouldings / Sheet materials including CNC / Injected plastics / Vacuum shaped objects. We arrange technical follow up of your project-drawing until the toolmaking to the final production, with the possibility to arrange packaging and transport.

ECOPIXEL 3D-shaped productions: for ready assembled complex products.

ECOPIXEL sheet: for your easy personalized project/works with standard tooling

ECOPIXEL injection: for high quantity, volume precision projects

ECOPIXEL Vacuum-shaped productions

ECOPIXEL basics: standard shapes for immediate sales

ecopixel sustainable material
Via Altipiano 11
21010 Porto Valtravaglia
Lago Maggiore - ITALIA

+39 3452107207
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