Brands Inedito/Asnaghi


In 2020, the two brands, Inedito and Asnaghi, merged, introducing a furnishing culture that looks to the future by furnishing the entire home, while also keeping an eye on the past, through the knowledge and experience consolidated over years in the furniture sector.
Classic and stylish furniture, of great value, which sees the merger of the artisan culture with today's design, created for a new taste in home living.
The care for details, the attention in the choice of materials and finishes, the taste of tradition and craftsmanship enhance creativity, elegance and design to satisfy the most complex and sophisticated furnishing requests.
We work on every single step of production, from the idea, to the prototype, to the final realization, united by a single goal: to bring the art of experiencing beauty into every room in your home.
Love and respect for tradition involves all departments of the company and defines each product, even in the latest, most modern and innovative interpretations.
From the craftsman to the architect, we work together for a common aim: quality, elegance and style.
Even today, after all these years, the furniture we make can create a unique and exclusive atmosphere in every interior.
Pieces that coexist peacefully in every place.
Elegance and continuous search for beauty are in every furnishing proposal.

via Piave 54

20821 Meda (MB)


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