Brands Metalco S.r.l.

Thanks to its innovative approach, and a solid vision, Metalco is one of the main players in the design and production of street furniture. It develops new generations of products, capable of enhancing the best characteristics of traditional materials such as steel, wood, and concrete. It creates "systemic products", where modularity plays a key role in the personalization of projects, offering an unlimited number of solutions adaptable to any type of layout.

Metalco's passion for street furniture is not limited to a continuous search for comfort and aesthetics but is constantly animated by a real love for the social aspect of collective spaces. In a world in which dematerialization and virtual sociality are becoming increasingly popular, the company is the spokesperson for a challenge to preserve the most intimate sphere of human relationships, through urban furnishings, bringing people back to the reality of everyday life. To realize this idea of ​​"social design for real life", he actively collaborates with urban architects, engineers, smart cities, municipalities, universities, opinion makers and trendsetters, involved in rethinking and redesigning the role of urban spaces. Professionals with an attitude towards the creation of places, with which to design urban spaces that are not only functional areas but also spaces capable of transmitting a sense of identity and purpose, allowing an experiential dimension.

Via della Fornace, 44
31023 Castelminio di Resana

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