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Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia (AF517) is, from 2017, the new name of 5+1AA. Created by Alfonso Femia with other fellow travelers in 1995, the Atelier(s) explores the world and the human relationships through architecture, dialog and matter, listening, searching and asserting an idea of the project as a dialog tool and the importance to think and imagine the spaces, the architectures and the chronotopic cities.

Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia develops the project themes in an “atelier” gathering three places characteristic of the identity of the three cities, Genoa, Milan and Paris, where a multidisciplinay team makes them live like a unique place for project and thought, feeding on the different particularities and experiences of the three cities.

The Atelier(s) focuses on the urban regeneration and the construction of important buildings in the main Italian and Mediterranean cities.

The Atelier(s) develops the right to matter thanks to a continuous collaboration with several industrial companies, but also craftsmen in order to reassert the importance of a close dialog between all the actors of the project.

Alfonso Femia is the founding architect of the Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia. Since 1994, he has released several publications and monographies. He has been “Visiting Professor” in several national and international universities, he is member of Scientific Commitee of the Biennale of Pisa and he is the founder and director of a platform of dialogue on the city 500x100Talk.

via Interiano 3/11
16124 Genova | Genoa
Italia | Italy


via Cadolini 32/38,
20137 Milano

Italia | Italy

55, rue des petites écuries
75010 Parigi | Paris
Francia | France

+39 010540095
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