Brands Marsotto

Marsotto industrially transforms marble and stone near Verona, Italy, discovering new features with avant-garde manufacturing technologies and processes.
The Marsotto brand has meant excellent architectural detailing for the last century and the company continues to work with major architects and new intercultural visions throughout the world. Marsotto's impeccable organization and industrial acumen make it a preferred manufacturer among European industries.
Marsotto manufactures exclusive furnishings for international luxury hotel chains, ships, residences, retail, and urban design. It creates a wide variety of designs in any kind of stone or marble, thanks to its know-how, technical expertise, and constantly updated technology. Marsotto's authentic collaboration on design enhances the products and the process.
Marsotto focuses on design and re-evaluating marble and stone worldwide. Marsotto uses all its resources optimally: numerical control technology provides unthinkable speed in manufacture, while manual finishes humanize the objects.
Marsotto has always believed in its entrepreneurial approach and created Marsotto Edizioni to propose its own brand of marble and stone design objects, ideated by international designers and Marsotto LAB, a research laboratory that supports and promote young talents and aspiring designers.

Via dell'Industria, 22
37051 z.i. - Bovolone
Verona - Italy

+39 02 4341 4780
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