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We are a manufacturing company with a metalworking DNA, and we are proud of it because it is our strength that allows us to create highly customized products and offer a "tailor-made" service.

We genuinely believe that the added value on which to focus today is increasingly providing timely solutions to specific design needs.

We offer a complete system of customizable technical solutions at the designer's service: a modular and versatile universe made of doors, sliding walls, partitions and complements designed to integrate the architecture.

In recent months, many of the architects we interviewed have defined ALBED as a technical brand of extreme quality that offers a linear, elegant product that manages to fit into any context, even the most difficult, "on tiptoe". That is an excellent result for us, and we are happy about it!

Driven by a flexible and dynamic approach, starting from 2020, we wanted to talk about our solutions and our products in a new way. At the same time as the new website launch, we presented the new concept of the Product System, positioning the Albed brand as technical solutions for interior architecture.

Consequently, we have created storytelling and an online browsing experience. The technical aluminum profile becomes a design and creative tool to contextualize products and collections by integrating them with architecture.

What differentiates us from our competitors is that we have focused on the contract design and custom service industry before all the others. We have made our artisan DNA our virtue by setting up business processes to offer custom solutions made on a project and ad hoc finishes.

We have an internal team of technical/commercial architects whose goal is to assist and support architects and interior designers in developing customized solutions tailored to the project. Our professionals' team is at the complete disposal of designers to find an answer to their specific needs, from the design of technical solutions that include aluminum profiles and structures to on-site assistance.

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20834 Nova Milanese (MB) 

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