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On the occasion of the 30th edition of the Milan Fuorisalone, Albed presents Multisensorial Landscapes - Design For The Senses.

In the new via Gonzaga 7 Flagship Store, the doors open to a design e technology world, to an experiential event where it is possible to connect with our inner senses, through olfactory, visual, tactile, auditive and gustative suggestions.


5-10/09 h. 10 - 22 

5-10/09 Cocktail h. 18.30-22.00 

5/09    Opening of the new via Gonzaga 7 Flagship Store

6/09     Dj Set by Cluster h. 19.00 - 22.00

7/09     Dj Set by Cluster h. 19.00 - 22.00

8/09     Entre Deux by Alfonso Femia / AF*Design                 

9/09     Dj Set by Cluster h. 19.00 - 22.00

10/09   Dj Set by Cluster h. 19.00 - 22.00

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Entre-Deux Designer: Alfonso Femia /AF*Design

A flush jamb system that is based on the concept of metal intradoses on facades and turns it into an interior solution.

The Entre-Deux swing door system designed by Alfonso Femia / AF * Design takes inspiration from the concept of metallic facades and declines it in an interior solution. Thanks to its sophisticated system of flush-to-the-wall jambs, it can mark spaces, cross passages and make it possible to create upholstery in different materials; It adapts to the wall offering, albeit with absolute linearity and minimalism, it adapts to the wall by offering real displacements of the elements that characterize the perception of the doorway.

Entre-Deux is a tool to communicate with space where the intrados can become flush with the wall or protruding, can be transformed into signs, becoming a luminous frame or dressed in different materials such as marble, metal or wood. Engineer applying a modular and versatile approach allows extreme configurability and customization.

The portal jamb is an architectural solution that allows for a slim frame installed in an architectural opening, flush with the wall, but separated from the wall itself by an even shadow line along its entire length. This sophisticated jamb can define spaces as a portal or support a series of accessories, making it possible to outline intradoses in various materials, and lit-up frames.

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Entry rules

To access the event, you need to register at the following link, selecting one of the available slots

In compliance with the COVID-19 regulations, access will be limited. Please note that the use of the mask is mandatory.

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