In 2017, PUPUPULA was founded as a new design brand that aims to fulfill the needs of modern families.  At PUPUPULA, good design is an insight into people, life, and society. A home with kids is the core scenario for our design. 


Our Mission

Let Kids Be Kids

Every child is unique and has his or her own personalities, talents, and interests. We believe that well-designed products can inspire our children to be more independent and confident.


Enjoy Parenting More

Parenting is always challenging. We hope our products can provide time-saving solutions so that parents can have more valuable time with kids.


Worldwide Awareness 

Whether from Beijing, San Francisco, or Istanbul, kids are growing up in a globalized society. With our mission and our brand idea, we hope kids can become responsible global citizens. 

We believe together with brilliant designers,our products will let kids be kids and let parents enjoy parenting more. 


Designed by PUPUPULA

Proudly made in China

From Beijing with Love


318-319, Dongfeng KASO, 2 Jiuxianqiao S. Rd, Beijing, China 100016


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