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ATI Project is an international reality specialized in integrated design in the field of architecture and engineering, committed to the development of sustainable buildings with a reduced environmental impact.

The studio was established in 2011 by Branko Zrnic and Luca Serri, founders dedicated to research in the field of bioclimatic architecture and renewable energy. Within a decade, the synergies between innovation, research and technological development in the various multidisciplinary fields lead the team to count over 300 collaborators.

The complexity and number of projects reflect the international success of the studio, which today, in addition to the headquarters in Pisa, has offices in Milan, Belgrade, Odense, Paris, Copenhagen, Geneva and Tallinn.

Sustainability is the engine of inspiration and protagonist of the integrated processes of the studio, a reference parameter of the adopted international design standards, and subject of the architectural language of ATI Project.

Architectural choices, multidisciplinary aspects, needs and requirements of the client and the territory find a synthesis through shared perspectives and innovative technologies, in a harmonious combination of form and technology that has become a distinctive feature of the various projects and realizations of the studio.

Pisa | Milan | Copenhagen | Belgrade | Paris | Geneva | Tallinn

Pisa office: Via G.B. Picotti 12/14, 56124 Pisa

Milan office: Via C. Farini, 57/A, 20159 Milan

+39 050 578460
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