Designers Johan Ejdemo

IKEA Design Manager Johan Ejdemo has over 20 years of experience in design and product development, starting his career as a cabinet-maker and an independent designer in 1997.

Since joining IKEA in 1999 as a product engineer, Johan Ejdemo has had a series of creative roles across IKEA and taken part in several notable projects, from product and range development to creating collections, driving innovation projects and developing platforms to focus on the most important aspects of life at home. From January 2022 Johan Ejdemo has stepped into the new role as a Design Manager to co-lead the Design team alongside Eva Lilja Löwenhielm.

As a Design Manager at IKEA of Sweden he strives to boost the design movement at IKEA, reinforce IKEA uniqueness and design identity, and strengthen circular design thinking to support the overall ambition of IKEA to become a circular business by 2030.


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