Mahmoud Fouad Fahmy is an Egyptian architect and interior designer who has become one of the Top Architects in Egypt .Known for his elegant balance between functionality and aesthetics in Designs.





His passion for architecture flourished while he was growing up by observed his father’s work in the construction industry. On a daily basis, he observed buildings coming to life from mere scratch on paper .It was quite an intriguing experience for him, he admired the whole process of breathing life into a static object to make it very dynamic. It was the point which he decided to pursue his undergraduate studies in Architecture. After his graduation, he decided to expand the company merging both construction and interior design projects.





Nowadays his company “Boulevard Architects” become one of the leader companies in Egypt as a result of his vision and dedicated work. He expanded his Work scope to include interior, landscape, and urban works and has been working extensively in a wide range of projects with a variety of clients.

Nation: Egypt
+ (20-2) 01121111981
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