Designers Bonden

Bonden is a textile brand rooted in Finnish traditions.
Living in Northern Europe, people develop a deep connection with the Nordic nature, which teaches how to grow up respecting nature and its values. Bonden was born to grow in the same way and to teach us more about sustainable development.
At Bonden, they'd rather act than speak or create principles. Indeed, Bonden is continuously at work to develop new ideas on how to make textiles that keep the wellbeing of both people and nature in mind.

Bonden is committed to 5 sustainable design deeds:

1. Use of clean, non-toxic materials that are by-products of renewable natural raw materials

2. Well-being enhancing user's experience

3. Nordic design DNA: timelessness and multifunctionality

4. Material recycling and zero waste

5. Production in Finland

Nation: Finland

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