Designers Ali Shah Gallefoss

Ali Shah Gallefoss is from Bergen and completed a bachelor’s degree in Furniture and Spatial Design at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design in 2018. He currently lives in Oslo, studying for a master’s degree at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. In 2019, Gallefoss created a sculpture from surplus scarves and cut-offs from the stone industry for the Norwegian fashion brand Holzweiler – a collaboration that is now being continued in the form of a clothing collection.

Aluminium & Stone are objects anchored in experimentation. Inspired by Norwegian nature and fairy-tale creatures, the two materials’ strengths and weaknesses are explored by casting pieces of stone in metal. The process is intuitive: shapes are drawn in sand and liquid aluminium is poured in, leaving ample room for the unexpected in the process and the end result. The stones used are leftover materials from Lundhs Real Stone, and aluminium is recycled scrap metal.

Nation: Norway

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