Designers Dybwad&Wyller

Håvard Dybwad and Øyvind Wyller live and work in Oslo, each holding a degree in Product Design, from the Oslo and Akershus University College and the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, respectively. They met in 2019 during an event at the housing cooperative where they both live. Building on their individual design careers, their shared values and views on design paved the way for a new collaboration.

Stick is a simple and timeless coffee table in oak, aluminium and larvikite. The design builds on the idea of a round surface hovering between four thin sticks, which give it its name. The frame and tabletop are available in different finishes, with scope for various combinations of colours and materials. Over time, the natural surfaces will develop an appealing patina. Stick is designed to last, both aesthetically and through physical wear and tear, and can be flatpacked for easy transportation. The aluminium frame is made in collaboration with Hydro and powder-coated by Jotun Powder Coatings. The table top in larvikite is developed in close collaboration with Lundhs.

Nation: Norway

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