Designers Philipp von Hase

Philipp von Hase studied furniture making in his hometown of Hanover, Germany. Today he lives and works in Bergen and holds a master’s degree in Furniture Design from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design. He has built classic Danish design furniture in Copenhagen and taught traditional furniture making in São Paulo, but lately his focus has been on his own design practice and small-scale furniture production.

Una is a series of wooden picture frames. Using a traditional steam-bending technique, the wood’s cellulose fibres are softened, manipulated and left to solidify in a new U-shape. The frames have no top allowing the contents to be changed easily. The result is a successful balance between production time, material demand, profit and craftsmanship.

Aaltobelli is a wooden seating group that can be rolled up and stored in a leather case. It consists of six stools, two trestles and a tabletop – a portable, compact and versatile solution, originally designed for a travelling theatre group.

Nation: Norway

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