Designers Jiman Choi

Jiman Choi(b.1970) is a ceramic artist who studied ceramics in Korea and the United States, and is currently a professor of the Department of Craft at Sookmyung Women’s University. His exhibitions are held throughout Korea, Japan, Taiwan, United States and Italy.

Choi’s white porcelain adapts the aesthetics of the Joseon Dynasty’s white porcelain. While being faithful to the fundamentals of ceramics, his white porcelain objects are not excessive nor do they stand out. Bowl, hap (a food bowl with a lid), cylindrical container, yeonjuk (water container for making ink), and jaegi (plate used in Korean ancestral rites) made of white porcelain are a restricted expression revealing only the fundamentals with minimal accent. His work is the process of finding equilibrium like the repetitive and ascetic training, and his white porcelains are a product of thoughtlessly spinning the wheels and making form through trimming and shaving.

Seoul / South Korea

Nation: South Korea