Designers Simone Guidarelli

Simone Guidarelli is a visionary creative with incredible facets. Different worlds merge and get mixed, in sequences of images, stories and lives. Every extraordinary skill must be nourished: like in a theatrical pièce, a person and a character evolve onstage. in Milan Simone covers the roles of fashion editor, artistic director, image consultant and stylist, leaving his signature on over seventy covers from Vanity Fair to Glamour Italia. He manages to read through bodies and understand the needs of great photographers such as David Bailey, Patrick Demarchelier, Giovanni Gastel e Douglas Kirkland. Not least, his activities as Creative Director for the video projects of important international brands, and as stylist for celebrities from Milan to Los Angeles. Dynamic and eclectic, he has launched his e-commerce with his clothing and accessory collection and his sophisticated wallpaper and has undertaken several collaborations both in the fashion and lifestyle realm, such as those with Bentley, K-Way, Elisabetta Franchi, and in that of the field of beauty, with Campomarzio70. A tailor with a fervent imagination he embroiders with his exclusive audacity his dimension of reality, capable of breaking schemes with irony and style.


Nation: Italy
Birth date: 28/02/1970
(54 years old)
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