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Officinarkitettura “Les Jardins Imaginaires” by Simone Guidarelli

Officinarkitettura “Les Jardins Imaginaires” by Simone Guidarelli

Space and time flow through interconnected dimensions and strong changes, attracted by the vortex of innovation and personalisation in the recreated scenario. Simone Guidarelli presents an immersive experience within which his new collection “Les Jardins Imaginaires” breaks through barriers to represent the beauty and variety of a parallel world created by various collaborations. Beginning with the established partnership between Simone Guidarelli with Officinarkitettura and Matrix International, up to the introduction of Melogranoblu, Bedding Atelier, DSV Carpets and Antica Fabbrica Passamanerie Massia Vittorio 1843, it all comes to life in the prestigious setting of Il Salotto di Milano, in Corso Venezia 7.

An intimate and sensorial journey is created for visitors with conviviality and introspection: “Les Jardins Imaginaires” is a calm space where it is possible to escape from reality and reinvent oneself, thanks to the all-over rooms created by Simone Guidarelli for a full immersion into beauty.

The doors open to the “King’s Room”, with Renaissance eco-friendly wallpaper from the collection “Les Jardins Imaginaires” by Simone Guidarelli in partnership with Officinarkitettura. This Emilia Romagna company specialises in wallcovering and cladding projects, and has decorated the space in a Made-in-Italy cellulose PVC-free wall covering that is breathable and extremely detailed in pattern. Simone Guidarelli invites guests to stretch out on a sumptuous four-poster bed made by Bedding Atelier with invaluable trimming by Antica Fabbrica Passamanerie Massia Vittorio 1843, where the atmosphere is created by pendant lighting (suspended at the sides) from Melogranoblu, the Bergamo company that supplies truly theatrical-style hand-made lighting solutions. The wall coverings selected for the Simone Guidarelli Home collection conjure up a glimpse of an Italian garden, with patterns that reflect the harmonious balance of Renaissance-style palazzi gates, for a place of pleasure and relaxation where goldfish can be found darting around gracefully in the fountains. The refinement of design can be found also in the hand-knotted rug by DSV Carpets, made in New Zealand wool and pure silk, warped and wefted in high quality 100 Line Tibetan Knot cotton.

The second setting is a living room designed for shared living: here the green wallpaper Exotic Jungle takes us to a jungle with anemones and luscious plants, curious monkeys and hummingbirds posing gently on palm trees. The same pattern is used for the table and pouffes by Matrix International, the Tuscan contemporary furniture company that also provided the sofa, armchairs and coffee tables in the living area; in this area, the Big Friendly Giant print from the Safari Collection is selected, with magnificent elephants and elegant hibiscus suggesting a sophisticated romantic lifestyle. Everything is permeated by natural and lively atmospheres, perfectly suited to the style of Simone Guidarelli collections, including the lighting solution by Melogranoblu. This switches on a welcoming atmosphere in the relaxation and dining table areas, with pendant lighting that echoes the wallpaper fruit items in its shapes. Here too the atmosphere is made even more comfortable with a carpet from DSV Carpets, handwoven again in the Big Friendly Giant pattern.

The last “Room of dreams” represents a sort of finale to the journey, an introspective moment: this small gem of a room is papered with The Hortensia Dream where elegant giraffes on a coral background peep out from between luscious blue and white hortensias. The environment is made unique with the lighting atmosphere created by Melogranoblu, using handmade blown and metallic glass pendant lights. In this area, Simone Guidarelli offers guests a zen setting where they can reflect and dream, relaxing on the pouffes by Matrix International and letting their gaze wander among the small suspended metallic olive-shaped lights that reflect the brilliance and splendid wallpaper.

The presentation of the new Simone Guidarelli project will take place on 7 June, followed by an exclusive invitation-only cocktail party with signature drinks from Compagnia dei Caraibi on the terrace of Il Salotto di Milano.

The luxury experience project from Simone Guidarelli Home is expanded further, with design mixing with the world of art in the careful research, attention to details and use of select materials with the most renowned and refined Made-in-Italy quality.

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Ingresso libero tutti i giorni.

Il giorno 7 giugno dalle ore 19:00 alle 23.00 su invito.

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