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The history of Officinarkitettura is also and above all the history of a place.
Pieve di Cento is a small village in the province of Bologna where Andrea Bernagozzi, architect, and Giorgio Buratti, expert in marketing, cross their professional and thought paths, choosing to give shape to something new.
The Officinarkitettura project was born in 2015 from their meeting at work, but soon becomes a sharing of intentions in the name of beauty.
It all starts with a challenge: Andrea proposes to Giorgio to decorate some slabs of Kerlite to satisfy a customer’s desire. It has never been done before, Giorgio knows it and for this reason he accepts.
Kerlite is a particular ceramic support, in slabs, very light, which however does not tolerate color at high temperatures, therefore it becomes necessary to paint it cold. From here begins a long process of study of the product which, however, also becomes an opportunity to make choices: the decoration will be entirely artisanal, handmade.
Kerlite is joined by other wall coverings, different types of wallpaper which, however, all support the same choice, that of creating a reduced range of supports but all of the highest quality. And all eco-sustainable.
You can be a green company if the entire supply chain is oriented towards this. Andrea and Giorgio support it with conviction and transmit their creed with the little big daily choices that a company requires. All materials come from Italy and most are ecological: water-based resins and inks; the cuts and finishes are manual, each different, each unique.
In its six years of activity, Officinarkitettura has grown a lot, producing twentyone collections, using both internal designers within the company, and collaborating with external artists who donate their works so that they become furnishings, gazes on the world. The subjects are the most varied and reveal all the passion for art and design that Giorgio and Andrea still share.
Pieve di Cento is not only the place that houses the brand’s headquarters, but also acts as a laboratory and showroom: many of the activities that animate the life of the town host a small piece of Officinarkitettura, some a wall, some a counter.
The choice to stay, to make a small place a productive pole, has created a virtuous relationship of mutual growth, in which it is no longer possible to distinguish the two entities but each flourishes in the relationship with the other.

Officinarkitettura team is composed of artists, stylists, designers and architects who design new solutions for surfaces.

Officinarkitettura’s collections, on hand decorated Kerlite and on wallpaper, are made with an innovative technology.

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