Event 2022

The House of Lyria

Special Mention Fuorisalone Award

In the pristine forest of the former military area of Inganni, on the top floor of Alcova's new "E-Space" building, begins "Journey into a dream," the journey among the fine fabrics of The House of Lyria through a dreamlike installation designed by film set designer Alessia Anfuso.

After making fabrics for leading fashion designers for over 20 years, in 2021 Lyria also opened up to the interior design sector, making decorative plaid pillows and fabrics designed for private residences, boutique hotels and yachts, collaborating on special projects, with the most renowned architects and interior designers. To enshrine this new course, on the top floor of the E-Space building in a spacious attic lit by small side slits, "Journey into a dream" guides the visitor on a metaphorical and experiential journey between places, eras and latitudes that together represent the strength, energy, and lifeblood of The House of Lyria's creations and contribute to its precise aesthetic vision, the "perfectly imperfect." 

Moving from the bright light of the terraces to the darker interior of the attic, the visitor's eye needs time to focus on Alessia Anfuso's emotional scenography, just like the diaphragm of a camera, capable of capturing and making indelible The House of Lyria dream. The scenography appears as a sailing ship, composed of fabrics and illuminated by a lamp placed on the "prow," a symbol of the sun, at the same time a source of energy and the ideal point of arrival for the creative process of The House of Lyria . The rolls of fabric represent the ship's cargo, what has already been accomplished. The sailing ship full of experiences, emotions and creations is ready to set sail to new horizons. "Journey into a dream" is a 360-degree experience that requires the visitor to take the right amount of time to experience and understand it. Time, then, as in Lyria's production, takes on a fundamental value, helping to give uniqueness and richness to things. 

Lyria was born in Prato, the heart of the Italian textile industry, from a dream: to create living, unique, timeless fabrics. A dream given life by Riccardo Bruni, artist and author of fabrics with an unmistakable character, where tradition, research and passion intertwine. Lyria takes its name from a rare, elegant spiral-shaped shell; a perfect harmony, which originates from imperfection. It is a symbol of the freedom of the ocean, the realm of creation in which to imagine and experiment. Lyria has been creating fabrics for more than two decades for the most talented designers in the fashion world, and since 2021 has decided to enter the world of interiors. The House of Lyria offers a broad-spectrum collection of decorative pillows and plaids, capable of ranging from understated, rustic simplicity to complex, glossy beauty, driven entirely by the aesthetic vision of ""perfectly imperfect"" and crafted with sustainable, artisanal production. Lyria also creates fabrics designed for private residences, boutique hotels and yachts; in fact, we collaborate on special projects with the most renowned architects and interior designers.

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