Event 2022

Come stay taste

Special Mention Fuorisalone Award

Realizable in infinite variations and dimensions, the curtain of Murano glass beads and terracotta powder - Lola - is the entrance to a space at once open and closed, free and collected.

It comes alive with the breath of a gentle breeze and tells, with a relaxing tinkle, the movements and exchanges, the instant when someone enters, passes and maybe stays.

Amusing the sparkle, a game of precious reflections, like countless winks from mischievous spheres.

Inside il Caramellaio, a prank to savor, tasty pearls of crackling jelly.

It is the creation of spaces and objects that want to involve by activating perceptions, even of sound and taste, to convey a feeling of well-being and that also want to have fun, taking us into a playful, carefree, almost childlike dimension, believing that today we all have a bit of a desire for lightness.

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