Event 2022


Special Mention Fuorisalone Award

Unproduced is an installation that comes from a research and experimentation project about the contamination between natural and articial. The rst project is called Giovani e Stupidi. It is a table lamp made of soil that represents a post-trauma world, without life, the world that man is leaving behind, because he has the presump-
tion of being able to control every feature. This lamp can be controlled in every aspect through a mobile app. It is possible to control color temperature and intensity of light, to simulate the sunrise - sunset cycle and remotely manage the lamp. This total control contrasts with the eeting perception of light which, when viewed from a precise angle, becomes extremely dazzling. The expression of the concept of changing the point of view associated with the idea that natural and articial are no longer divisible makes me to imagine new balances between these two elements. Balances that integrate elements of contamination.

The second project, called Famiglia, consists of two suspension lamps that combine natural and technological. The cable, a synthetic element, carves inside the twisted hazel branches to nd a new location. The branch drives the cable to the ends where the LEDs are located, enclosed in glass straws. In this balance between natural and synthetic, contamination remains. The contaminating elements are the feathers and the wood itself. The feathers were collected in the parks of Milan, they belong to the collared parakeet, an alien species introduced in the 70s and now widespread throughout Europe. This species is responsible for the destruction of the habitat of native bird
species, as well as fruit crops. The second element is the twisted hazel, a plant that, cultivated for about 10 thousand years, has developed a genetic mutation that causes some cells to stien. The tension that is created between rigid and elastic cells makes the branches to grow straight at rst, and than, with the passage of time, they curl and knot, creating unusual curves. Feathers and its colors and the curves of the wood are two characteristics that can be associated with the impact of humans.
In the latest "Matrice” project I try to gure out the contamination with mammals. I represent the mammal by imagining three embryos of light enclosed in a protective fur and connected by an umbilical cord to an energy source. The LED driver enclosed by a rosette made of limestone feeds the luminous elements through very thin copper wires electrically insulated with silk, which are enclosed in a soft sock made by weaving my female dog's hair. The mammalian element, the hair, becomes a medium to shade the light.

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